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  • Instytut Zdrowia Psychicznego
  • Is a licensed, private, nonprofit facility providing a wide variety of Counseling, Psychotherapy and Chemical Dependency services. Located in Manhattan's East Village, our clinic boasts a diversity of clinical, cultural and linguistic capabilities. We recently celebrated our twentieth anniversary of providing help to an average of 1200 people per year. Our licensed, professional staff can provide services in a variety of modalities and in 10 different languages, is available as well, should psychiatric medication be indicated in the course of treatment. Perspective clients can be seen within 48 hours of their initial contact call to the clinic. Our hours of operation are from: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. 

    • adres: 57 St. Marks Pl
      New York NY 10003 Wyswietl mapeMapa
    • tel./fax: 212-982-3470

      fax. 212-477-0521
    • www/email www > wejdz
  • Daniel A Cohen M.D.
  • The mind and body are inextricably linked and together they constitute the human experience. A harmonious interplay of the two promotes a sense of well being. A healthy mind is needed to maintain a healthy body and vice versa. Unfortunately, throughout our life span it is common for disturbances to occur. Early identification and treatment of a disturbance ensures better overall health and wellness.

  • Stephen M. Gilman, M.D
  • Most of my new patients come to me via direct referral from other satisfied patients, have seen me give a seminar, or have heard in some way by "word of mouth" that my Motivational Enhancement approach helps people recover from addictions. They also know it works great for depression, anxiety, and other issues.

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